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Alchemize your challenges into deeper purpose! This is my signature offering where you have all my intuitive skills and tools at your disposal.

*Two intuitively guided one hour 1:1 sessions a month for either 3 or 6 months

*Additional support via Telegram


*Shamanic Reiki

*Akashic Records

*Sound Healing

*Energetic Allergy Healing

*Intuitive coaching

*Frequency Support

*Card Pulls

Please fill out the contact info below so we can schedule a discovery call to see if this would be a good fit.

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What Clients of Intuitive Care With Marla are Saying


Caroline N.

I recently had a truly wonderful session

with the lovely Marla. 
Her intuitive calming energy coupled with the shamanic reiki treatment really helped me de-stress. I have been feeling more in alignment since our session. 💖


Dwight D.

I had a session recently and found it to be relaxing and grounding. Marla made me feel very comfortable and created a very peaceful environment.

I had a tough day at work that day, so I had a slight headache and was somewhat tense. Half way through the session I noticed my headache was gone. The session also helped strengthen my connection with my true purpose.

I would definitely recommend her service.

Kimberly Giannelli.jpg

Kimberly Giannelli

The PR Social

Marla is a really powerful and empathic healer. Her patience, her graciousness, and her care translate into a meaningful experience that drives energy, wellness, and positivity.


Shakti Sita Kaur
The Pallas

Marla has helped my dog multiple times with her amazing remote Reiki healing sessions. She is my go-to healer for many things, but especially my dog! She has an incredible gift with animals.

I also have one of her powerful Malas that I wear anytime I need extra protection and healing. So grateful for everything Marla offers and cannot recommend her intuitive care enough.

Laura Mazzotta.jpg

Laura Mazzotta, LCSW-R

The Akashic Therapist

Marla is such a compassionate and warm practitioner. She holds powerful space for the energy to go where it is best served in your field. You will feel immensely relaxed in her presence and will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself. I highly recommend Marla as an unconditional guide on your healing path. You will receive way more than you could consciously anticipate.

Tamra Malaga.jpg

Tamra Malaga

The Josh and Tamra Show

The remote messages that came through in my Akashic Records & Tarot cards was exactly what I needed. I highly recommended it to anyone who is feeling out of touch with their true selves. Beautiful experience! Beautiful person with pure good intentions. Open your heart and try it! You won't regret it. Blessings!

Jen Gold.jpg

Jennifer Gold

I had the honor of having Marla create the most glorious Mala for me, with such incredible care and attention. It really has been such a powerful and magical experience. I’m so grateful. Highly, highly recommended

Jen B.jpg

Jennifer Bucolo

had a customized tantric mala made by Marla, it is absolutely beautiful and made with much love and care. Before making it, Marla took the time to speak with me and when I received it she wrote me a beautiful card explaining the mala. The beads are gorgeous, the energy is lovely and I always enjoy wearing it. I highly recommend Marla as she is gifted, kind, compassionate and nurturing. Her passion and talent is evident in the mala she created. She is an extraordinary person and has made a very positive impact in my life.

Chris Bargeron.jpg

Chris Bargeron
Sound Healer

Marla facilitated an incredible experience. I came for an akashic records session with no experience on what this was. My wife actually recommended it for me. What Marla was able to connect with was beyond any doubt I may have had. She is definitely in tune with what she senses. I felt the love and presence of my lost ones, and the messaging was consistent with what I believe they would have said to me. My heart swelled and I was close to tears. And I know that the guidance they sent to us is meant for my greater good and I am so grateful to Marla for helping me hear their call. Thank you Marla!

Bethany Ellars.jpg

Bethany Ellars
Regression Hypnotherapist

Marla is such a beautiful, pure channel and I’m so blessed I got to work with her!

When I came to Marla for a shamanic energy healing session I was experiencing stomach pain and lightheadedness. Marla intuitively customized the session to help address the discomfort I was experiencing and by the end of the session I felt an ABUNDANCE of relief! It was like night and day!

I highly recommend and trust this practitioner. Thank you

Emma Hull.jpg

Emma Hull
Life Coach

Marla lovingly supported me to find clarity around my blockages, and provided suggestions to bring about change. I loved the mixture of oracle cards and akashic records. Marla has a gentle energy that made me feel very much at ease, and confident in her skills. Thank you

JoAnna Yarbrough_edited.jpg

JoAnna Yarbrough
Massage Therapist

Just had a great Reiki session with Marla. I have never had one and it was amazing and so relaxing. It was just what I needed. She was so professional and walked me through what she was going to do. Highly recommend.

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